By: Beth Costello

There once was a boy named Shemc. Shemc was very smart (too smart for is own good). Shemc had a large group of chess playing, math teaming, and egg headed friends but he was still smarter than all of those geeks put together.

But Shemc was teased all the time, not because of his friends, his hobbies, or even his nerdy clothes. Almost everyone teased him because of his very abnormally big head, which contained a very abnormal big brain. Shemc hated it! He spent all of his free time moping and plotting revenge.

One night Shemc woke up because his head felt funny. He looked in the mirror and gasped. From so much intense plotting, his brain grew right through his skull! He was a like a human MoJo JoJo! He had to wear a special glass tube on his head to keep it from getting damaged or dirty, all the kids teased him more than before! The more Shemc got teased, the more shemc plotted, and the more Shemc plotted the bigger his brain got, and the bigger his brain got the more he was teased. It was a never ending cycle!

On the other hand, he got some really cute nicknames, like big head brain boy, big brain head boy, or (my personal favorite) tube brain.