The Chicken Story

There’s No Chicken

By Beth

Oh my! I can’t find my chicken!” muttered a desperate woman.

“What seems to be the problem, miss?” said a kind man that just walked into the room.

“My chicken Donny is missing! Donny, come back to mommy! DONNY!!” the woman cried in anguish.

The woman started running around in circles screaming like a little girl, and started to cry. The man tried to calm the woman, but she would not be consoled.

“Calm down!!” the man said nervously.

The man tried everything that he could think of to calm down the woman. He tried yelling at, he tried slapping her, and he tried dumping cold water on her head. Then he got down on his knees and started to beg her to stop, but it had no effect. The woman was still running around in circles.

“Pleeeeaaaaase calm down?” the man begged.

Nothing was working and the man was getting desperate. This was driving him crazy. All this over a stupid chicken named Donny. What was he to do? He was only going to try one more time.

“If you calm down, I’ll give you a cookie!” the man bribed.


“Yes, here you go. Now about your chick Donny…”

“What chicken? I have no chicken. Donny is a perfectly dreadful name.”

The man was so confused. He asked “But you said tha-“

“then you must be mistaken. I have no chicken.”

“No chicken? No chicken!? THERE”S NO CHICKEN!?” The man screamed. Then he started to run around I circles. Then after a while he started to scream and pull out his hair. The woman shocked and appalled at suck behavior.

As she walked out of the room eating her cookie she muttered, “What’s his problem?”