THE MALLORY PAGE (All about Mal!)


My dictionary definition is:
mallory, WV (CDP, FIPS 50860)
Location: 37.73479 N, 81.81886 W
Population (1990): 1126 (429 housing units)
Area: 19.9 sq km (land), 0.0 sq km (water)

Famous Mallory people in History

George Mallory- Had something to do with Mt. Everest...
Sir Mallory-Wrote Camelot
Mallory- Some girl on some old TV show...*blinks*

Mallory as a name means:

Army leader
Without good fortune
Living without law
Son of Hugh
Nobel songwriter
Caring hands
Fond of war
Seeker of carnage
Smooth brow
Dancer of sin
Good Nose

There was more, but they ranged from, "Nose Picker" to "Early to Die." My name isn't a very happy one, I presume. Basically, I am an unlucky, cute army councilor who'll die horribly before reaching twenty-two. Yeah. Thrilling, I know.

BUT, there's hope! According to some wacky website, my name "prophesizes:"
"This young warrior will see her calling by the age of nineteen. Going afield, she shall slay thirty men before finding one whom she cannot. He shall take her captive, rape her, and their child shall save the Northern Kingdoms from evil."

Sure enough, I still am in the Army, am unlucky, and so on. But my kid will do great things!

On a whim, I went to a generator site. I went to different categories and made up this "description" of me with the first results I got.

Hi, I am Mallory.
I am: An angry magical girl has almond-shaped yellow eyes and short, wavy, luxurious, brick-red hair worn in an odd style. She has a very feminine build. She has animal powers that are invoked by sheer willpower. Her flattering, odd costume is mostly blue and it includes brastraps that can be seen only at times of great need.
My Anime power is: Musical Verdant Lance.
My aura is: A nearly-invisible green aura with white blobs orbiting it.
If I had the perfect man I would have: A man that you can't help but compare to a precise mechanism. His narrow eyes are apricot-colored. He has long, straight, rose-red hair which is in a style that reminds you of a lion's mane. His form is noteably athletic. He has a pointed nose.
My weapon is: An Atomofork
I learned everything at: The Mysterious Path of the Earth. This warrior's way is relatively unknown and taught only in one location. It has a legendary reputation for distance, and focuses on stealth. This martial path is known for the "Grounded Knee" and the "Adapting Land Punch".
I am usually: Angry and ofton in love
If my life were to be summerized it would be: In a godless kingdom of corruption, two fighter pilots and an adventurer try to save the last living fertile woman.