8th grade Pictures!


That is us on a normal eating basis at the table, some people starred, I didn't find that polite.

Okay, okay I guess I added a few things but anyways THIS is us at the table on a normal eating basis, but people still starred.

Here is Mal, Jess, and Angie.

Morris, Somebody behind mysterious hands (Rel), Jessica, Angie, Lindsey, Simmer, Emily, Rachel K, Beth

Mr. Engen

Lia's Arms

Lindsey, Mal, and Angie at Valley Fair

Jon in 6th Grade! Such short hair!

Back: Angie, Mallory, Lindsey, Jessica
Front: Cathy, Greta, Emily

Us at the Landmark Center in St Paul

Mal, Greta, Angie, Lia, Jessica, Colleen

The Beloved Random Guy

Thank you Morris for some of the pics!!

Do you have any Tablean pics or weird pictures? Give them to me and I'll put them up!

And Here are some "interesting" pics from mal: