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Sophmore Year

LAST UPDATED: July 28, 2005

Hey Everyone!

Go to the Table's Boards and see what we've all been up to CLICK HERE!

Alright peoples sorry for being slow but um there isnt much to post so if you have any articles...pictures...ideas...whatever just give me something to put up.

Do you like the new Web name? So remember, www.ganderson.us/tablean !

    • More Pictures are gonna come soon---I hope from like hella long ago. So be waiting for that and mal is gonna give me some of her awesome drawings to post so send those in and we can have our own art gallary!
    • Oh and does anyone have a picture for 10th grade of everybody?
      Or else we are gonna have to take one!
    • I would like to start a party picture section. I already have pictures from Mallory and Lindsey.
    • The anime section is very lame at the moment, tell me the titles that you would like me to put up.


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